Thank you all for your support this year, have a wonderful holiday season… as a little bonus I’ve posted another little video to wish you all happy holidays, no matter what or how you celebrate, have a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy this little excerpt from Cellar Door from the piece called ‘The Seed’ – it’s the most wintry sounding section! Thanks for liking and following – keep it up! Here’s to a magical, musical 2019. Peace, love and mince pies, Harvey. 🙂 X


Those of you who’ve been following the Cellar Door project so far will know how multi-faceted it is, and also how important it is to me to make this an inclusive project – after all, it is ultimately about the people of Earth and for them too! I’ll be running auditions for the various performers soon, singers, dancers, musicians and so forth but one element which is particularly pressing is that of the visuals. Creating a two and a half hour video accompaniment to the Cellar Door suite of music, both for inclusion on the deluxe DVD edition of the albums and, critically, as a backdrop to the launch event and live show itself, is a mammoth task. Without giving away too much of the story of Cellar Door, there are many sequences featuring different locations, topics – some like moving stage sets, some like a feature film, some working in conjunction with live action on the stage too.

I’m inviting animators, CGI artists, illustrators and film makers with all levels of experience, from passionate amateur to full time professional to get in touch – even if you’ve just shot something that looks beautiful and is in great quality on your phone, please send a link to examples of your work, your name, a brief bio (or link to one) and anything else you’d like to say to me at: – although incredibly busy as you can imagine, I will make every endeavor to get back to everyone who get’s in touch, and hopefully many of you will become a part of this exciting project.

Some sequences in the piece will be specially commissioned, some will be made up from fitting clips from many sources, and some will be shot from scratch. There are many levels at which you can get involved and potentially hired / paid!

Meanwhile, work continues in earnest on the music itself which I’m thrilled to say is coming along wonderfully. I’m working on a piece at the moment which will feature a very unusual, beautiful and surprising instrument during one of Cellar Door’s more ‘mystical’ sequences…

Thanks for reading, and as ever, my thanks to you all for continuing to support me and this project by subscribing to the email list, following the Facebook page, and for taking the time to be here in the first place!

Best wishes… new V-Log coming soon!

Have a great week,

Harvey. X

Super quick first VLog – I’ll be posting a new one every day that is spent working on Cellar Door in any way – showing you what’s happening behind the scenes, sharing the process with you and letting you know how you can help and be involved in this wonderful project.  Forgive the ropey editing on this first one, super busy day and I currently have the flu so may not be at my absolute best let alone most animated! 🙂

Here we go folks… one year from today, we launch Cellar Door. Will we do it?


We had a great meeting this morning with the charming Pete Bassett from Quite Great – his excellent P.R. company who are helping us with the promotional side of all things Cellar Door related. We have a lot of work to do – myself musically, completing the compositions and recording them etc, mixing in stereo and surround, not to mention planning all of the wonderful visuals, theatrical elements and dancers etc I’ve been promising you! Be sure to sign up for our email list and follow the Cellar Door page on Facebook to receive updates and to find out about various freebies, perks and ways you can be involved too!  All that remains for me today however is to wish you all a…


We’ve had an amazing week working on Cellar Door, first off we went to London on Monday for a couple of meetings and first off found our venue for the launch event, the stunning Art Deco Troxy Theatre in London’s Limehouse area.

With a huge projection screen, stunning lighting, a great crew, beautiful building and of course full surround sound, we’re all set!

Following that we met with Pete Bassett of Quite Great promotions. A great company and a great guy who really ‘gets’ the project having worked with the likes of Brian Eno, Jean-Michel Jarre, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Michael Nyman.

Following all of that, I’ve been busy composing more of the music and am now starting to look for film makers, animators and graphic artists from around the world to contribute to the visual elements of the project – backdrop video for the live show and a big feature both live and on the Video release too. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch for more details and send in some examples of your work!

I’m also looking for two female classical vocalists with the ability to sing soft, beautiful and alluringly without vibrato but with the power to go full operatic where required – with a little tasteful vibrato. These ‘angels’ are to be a main feature both on the recording and in the live show for which we would like one Caucasian and one dark skinned singer – each with costumes in opposing colours to represent the duality of nature and the yin and yang in all. They will be our guides through the story, both protagonists and antagonists in certain sequences, becoming ‘sirens’ in the ocean sequence etc and will have great make-up giving them an almost alien, other worldly look. I’ll be auditioning for these roles very soon so again, please do get in touch!

Meanwhile, enjoy the previews on this new and growing site and please do sign up for the email newsletter for updates on releases, freebies, perks and way to get involved.

Best wishes to all and thanks for the support – it means the world to me. Have a great weekend.

Love, Harvey. x

Thanks for joining me! Are you ready to find out what lies behind the cellar door?

The ‘Cellar Door’ Trilogy is the latest project from composer and record producer, Harvey Summers (that’s me – hi!). An epic cinematic, predominantly orchestral work set to span a three album set, Cellar Door will take you on a journey and tell the biggest story of them all, from the birth of the universe through to the impact of humanity upon the planet, our lives while we are hear on Earth and beyond into our potential futures.

The music, mixed in stunning surround sound will be available in many formats when released in 2019… and talking of that, we are planning a totally unique, immersive, spectacular launch event at the Troxy theatre near Limehouse, London, UK which will not only provide an awesome listening experience but will be a multi-media, multi-sensory event with end to end video, dancers, live musical performers and vocalists, stunning lighting effects, theatrical sequences, scents and some secret ‘special effects’ which will transport the audience into the world that lies just beyond that mysterious Cellar Door.

Please follow this page and sign up for email updates – this is one you won’t want to miss!

Meanwhile, enjoy exploring the videos and extracts from work in progress. We will be adding content regularly featuring behind the scenes footage, interviews, fly on the wall documentaries of the studio sessions and much much more.

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