Wow, what happened to January? It was a busy, hectic month for me with lots of clients coming to my studio, recording their new projects with me producing etc. Fortunately I had booked a session with Armenian Duduk master, Arsen Petrosyan who, while on tour in the UK, came to my ‘Broadoak Studios’ to record the Duduk parts for Cellar Door. Primarily on the piece, “Exile”, but also on three other pieces which at present are still works in progress, but an excerpt from one of them is up on our Facebook page and also over on the videos page here (better sound quality here than on Facebook)! It’s an edited, short version of a longer meditative piece about astral travel, or out of body experiences. Hope you enjoy it and check back ready. My Cellar Door project is evolving and the original concept developing further. I am looking into some of the latest technologies for engaging, surround sound presentation including Dolby Atmos which is most likely the format I’ll choose when it comes time to mix the project. Dolby Atmos is great because it allows me to place sounds above the listener as well as all around them, creating a 360 degree sphere of sound. And that’s one of the things Cellar Door is all about, placing you, the listener right in the middle of the action. Here’s a fun little clip of Arsen practicing one of the difficult passages in Exile, where he had to use his knee to play the lowest available note on the Duduk! Enjoy then head over to the videos page for the excerpt from the new ‘Astral’ piece featuring Arsen. Thanks for being here! Be back soon… best wishes all,

With love and best wishes, Harvey Summers. x

Wishing all my friends and followers a wonderful 2019. Thank you for all of your support this year, hoping 2019 will be the year Cellar Door is completed and released… thanks also for all of the birthday wishes. I’m humbled and thankful for them all. Cheers everyone! Xx – Harvey.

P.s. here’s another little excerpt to wish you all the best for 2019!

Thank you all for your support this year, have a wonderful holiday season… as a little bonus I’ve posted another little video to wish you all happy holidays, no matter what or how you celebrate, have a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy this little excerpt from Cellar Door from the piece called ‘The Seed’ – it’s the most wintry sounding section! Thanks for liking and following – keep it up! Here’s to a magical, musical 2019. Peace, love and mince pies, Harvey. 🙂 X

Here’s a little taste of my latest piece for the Cellar Door project: “Exile”, one of the ‘human’ stories visited on the journey through our history. Although the piece is essentially sad and reflects upon the tragedy inflicted upon Jews throughout history, I find a beauty in the melancholia of the music – but not of course in the awful plight inflicted upon these amazingly resilient people. The essence of this piece is a duet between solo violin and Armenian duduk – along with balalaikas from Russia.

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate it. I hope you continue to enjoy and share these little tastes of my unfinished work in progress. Your likes and shares of this page and it’s posts are vital as we all know how important social media stats are to the industry these days. I’d like to say I remember when it was just about the music… but I guess it’s always been a business. Artists need the business side just to survive and be in a position to spend time creating their art, sadly we live in a time when much music and art is considered as nothing more than a commodity. It is my hope that Cellar Door will reach hearts first and wallets second! 😉 Have a great weekend everyone. – Harvey. X

Folk Award Crop

Although not Cellar Door related, I wanted to share with you the wonderful news that I have won an award for “Best Folk Production Music”… After all these years, my name engraved on a little strip of unidentified material stuck to the side of a blue plastic lump. Along with Ellie May Ford and her wonderful band, together we made Ellie’s debut album “The Other Sun”, from which the song “July” won in the best folk production category, if only we all got a blue lump to display proudly on our shelves… but I’m happy to have this pic and more than anything to have been a part of the record, still one of my favourites of all time, it’s gorgeous and you’d love Ellie’s mesmerising music for sure… congrats to all once again. 🙂x

Meanwhile, following seven days of recording with Steeleye Span, I’ve been off with flu for the best part of this week, so I thought I’d share another little piece of Cellar Door with you all; a 1 min extract from a piece called ‘The Wisdom of Trees’, from ‘The Enchanted Forest’ sequence. It’s just a tiny peek at what’s to come and is, as with every other preview I’ve posted, unfinished and the video is a temporary placeholder but I think this clip has a nice feel about it and conveys the mood of the piece to a fair degree… the final work however will be so much more than this. Check it out over on the videos page. I hope you enjoy it…

More news coming soon, thankfully my flu is taking it’s leave and I’ll be back to work on Cellar Door next week. So stay tuned, have a wonderful weekend and please keep on sharing these posts and liking the Facebook page.


Harvey. X

Well, it’s been one hell of an interesting week; a week away from Cellar Door but worth every minute! I’ve been recording veteran folk-rock band Steeleye Span’s new album at my studio and it’s been a blast! A long and tiring week for all but the results are sounding great. Another coup from this session was discovering the incredible talent that is Jessie May Smart, Steeleye’s amazing violinist, her style of playing and technical ability completely blew me away so I’ve asked her to perform the solo violin parts on the Cellar Door recordings. Very exciting! Their new album will also be released next year so look out for that!

Then, I received an email confirming that a record I produced with Ellie Ford’s wonderful band has received the award for ‘best folk production music’. Thrilled to have been a part of that record, “The Other Sun” – it’s beautiful and unique and deserves every bit of recognition… here’s our certificate!

So congratulations to everyone involved.

Lots happening next week too including more work on Cellar Door. So signup, stay tuned and help us reach 1000 likes on the Cellar Door Facebook page… not far to go, as once we hit 1000, I’ll posts new video with another preview of some work in progress.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and I’ll be back in the week with more news. (Meanwhile, I have a chest infection and flu to attend to!)… poor me! Lol. 😷


Forest Image

Having spent most of this week working on my ‘enchanted forest’ section of Cellar Door (which is sounding rather magical and has been great fun), I’m going to have to take a break from the project next week as I’m recording the new album from ‘Steeleye Span’ from Monday through to Sunday! So a hefty 7-day session for me. I’m already looking forward to getting back behind the cellar door the following week with a fresh perspective. I have a very unusual – dare I say unique instrument which will feature on the piece “The Wisdom of Trees” which opens this sequence of Cellar Door… but I’m keeping that one a secret for now!

I’ll keep posting updates however as work continues on the project during my own absence thanks to my project manager Sarina who will be busy keeping the paper work on track etc. Please carry on sharing this site and my Facebook page and help us reach 1000 likes, not far to go now as we’ve passed 750! Once we hit 1000 I’ll post a new excerpt from my work in progress. Have a great weekend everybody. X


Those of you who’ve been following the Cellar Door project so far will know how multi-faceted it is, and also how important it is to me to make this an inclusive project – after all, it is ultimately about the people of Earth and for them too! I’ll be running auditions for the various performers soon, singers, dancers, musicians and so forth but one element which is particularly pressing is that of the visuals. Creating a two and a half hour video accompaniment to the Cellar Door suite of music, both for inclusion on the deluxe DVD edition of the albums and, critically, as a backdrop to the launch event and live show itself, is a mammoth task. Without giving away too much of the story of Cellar Door, there are many sequences featuring different locations, topics – some like moving stage sets, some like a feature film, some working in conjunction with live action on the stage too.

I’m inviting animators, CGI artists, illustrators and film makers with all levels of experience, from passionate amateur to full time professional to get in touch – even if you’ve just shot something that looks beautiful and is in great quality on your phone, please send a link to examples of your work, your name, a brief bio (or link to one) and anything else you’d like to say to me at: – although incredibly busy as you can imagine, I will make every endeavor to get back to everyone who get’s in touch, and hopefully many of you will become a part of this exciting project.

Some sequences in the piece will be specially commissioned, some will be made up from fitting clips from many sources, and some will be shot from scratch. There are many levels at which you can get involved and potentially hired / paid!

Meanwhile, work continues in earnest on the music itself which I’m thrilled to say is coming along wonderfully. I’m working on a piece at the moment which will feature a very unusual, beautiful and surprising instrument during one of Cellar Door’s more ‘mystical’ sequences…

Thanks for reading, and as ever, my thanks to you all for continuing to support me and this project by subscribing to the email list, following the Facebook page, and for taking the time to be here in the first place!

Best wishes… new V-Log coming soon!

Have a great week,

Harvey. X

Super quick first VLog – I’ll be posting a new one every day that is spent working on Cellar Door in any way – showing you what’s happening behind the scenes, sharing the process with you and letting you know how you can help and be involved in this wonderful project.  Forgive the ropey editing on this first one, super busy day and I currently have the flu so may not be at my absolute best let alone most animated! 🙂

Here we go folks… one year from today, we launch Cellar Door. Will we do it?


We had a great meeting this morning with the charming Pete Bassett from Quite Great – his excellent P.R. company who are helping us with the promotional side of all things Cellar Door related. We have a lot of work to do – myself musically, completing the compositions and recording them etc, mixing in stereo and surround, not to mention planning all of the wonderful visuals, theatrical elements and dancers etc I’ve been promising you! Be sure to sign up for our email list and follow the Cellar Door page on Facebook to receive updates and to find out about various freebies, perks and ways you can be involved too!  All that remains for me today however is to wish you all a…