Arsen Petrosyan, Duduk and 2019

Wow, what happened to January? It was a busy, hectic month for me with lots of clients coming to my studio, recording their new projects with me producing etc. Fortunately I had booked a session with Armenian Duduk master, Arsen Petrosyan who, while on tour in the UK, came to my ‘Broadoak Studios’ to record the Duduk parts for Cellar Door. Primarily on the piece, “Exile”, but also on three other pieces which at present are still works in progress, but an excerpt from one of them is up on our Facebook page and also over on the videos page here (better sound quality here than on Facebook)! It’s an edited, short version of a longer meditative piece about astral travel, or out of body experiences. Hope you enjoy it and check back ready. My Cellar Door project is evolving and the original concept developing further. I am looking into some of the latest technologies for engaging, surround sound presentation including Dolby Atmos which is most likely the format I’ll choose when it comes time to mix the project. Dolby Atmos is great because it allows me to place sounds above the listener as well as all around them, creating a 360 degree sphere of sound. And that’s one of the things Cellar Door is all about, placing you, the listener right in the middle of the action. Here’s a fun little clip of Arsen practicing one of the difficult passages in Exile, where he had to use his knee to play the lowest available note on the Duduk! Enjoy then head over to the videos page for the excerpt from the new ‘Astral’ piece featuring Arsen. Thanks for being here! Be back soon… best wishes all,

With love and best wishes, Harvey Summers. x

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