Happy Hanukkah – another piece of work in progress for you: “Exile”

Here’s a little taste of my latest piece for the Cellar Door project: “Exile”, one of the ‘human’ stories visited on the journey through our history. Although the piece is essentially sad and reflects upon the tragedy inflicted upon Jews throughout history, I find a beauty in the melancholia of the music – but not of course in the awful plight inflicted upon these amazingly resilient people. The essence of this piece is a duet between solo violin and Armenian duduk – along with balalaikas from Russia.

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate it. I hope you continue to enjoy and share these little tastes of my unfinished work in progress. Your likes and shares of this page and it’s posts are vital as we all know how important social media stats are to the industry these days. I’d like to say I remember when it was just about the music… but I guess it’s always been a business. Artists need the business side just to survive and be in a position to spend time creating their art, sadly we live in a time when much music and art is considered as nothing more than a commodity. It is my hope that Cellar Door will reach hearts first and wallets second! 😉 Have a great weekend everyone. – Harvey. X


    1. Thanks Mike. At present I’m using some of the best orchestral sample libraries available via Logic Pro but many of the instruments- especially solo ones and voices will be replaced with live players for the final version. Sampling technology has come on a great deal these days. It takes a lot of time and hard work to make it sound convincing but so worth the effort – every nuance is available – even the transitions between one note to the next have been sampled so it’s as close to the real thing as you can get! It’s expensive software but still cheaper than hiring the LSO!! Cheers Mike. Hope you’re doing well old mate. 🙂

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