We won! So here’s another excerpt for the weekend!

Folk Award Crop

Although not Cellar Door related, I wanted to share with you the wonderful news that I have won an award for “Best Folk Production Music”… After all these years, my name engraved on a little strip of unidentified material stuck to the side of a blue plastic lump. Along with Ellie May Ford and her wonderful band, together we made Ellie’s debut album “The Other Sun”, from which the song “July” won in the best folk production category, if only we all got a blue lump to display proudly on our shelves… but I’m happy to have this pic and more than anything to have been a part of the record, still one of my favourites of all time, it’s gorgeous and you’d love Ellie’s mesmerising music for sure… congrats to all once again. 🙂x

Meanwhile, following seven days of recording with Steeleye Span, I’ve been off with flu for the best part of this week, so I thought I’d share another little piece of Cellar Door with you all; a 1 min extract from a piece called ‘The Wisdom of Trees’, from ‘The Enchanted Forest’ sequence. It’s just a tiny peek at what’s to come and is, as with every other preview I’ve posted, unfinished and the video is a temporary placeholder but I think this clip has a nice feel about it and conveys the mood of the piece to a fair degree… the final work however will be so much more than this. Check it out over on the videos page. I hope you enjoy it…

More news coming soon, thankfully my flu is taking it’s leave and I’ll be back to work on Cellar Door next week. So stay tuned, have a wonderful weekend and please keep on sharing these posts and liking the Facebook page.


Harvey. X

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